It is possible to learn everything you need to know about the counter stand, which general usage area is determined as crates among the stand models. What are the Cardboard Countertop Stand models?

Cardboard Countertop Stand

After completing the shopping in the stores, the way to the cash registers is kept to make payment. On the counters with the cash registers, there are examples of Cardboard Countertop Stands that serve to remind deficiencies or encourage a new purchase. Stand models, where products are generally exhibited in and around the case, independent of the shelves in the store, are called Cardboard Countertop Stand. Depending on the regions in which they are used, they can also be referred to as a case-top stand, set-top stand or table-top stand. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that the time spent by the customers at the checkout is longer than the general shopping time. For this reason, Cardboard Countertop Stand models occupy an important place in terms of product sales. The most preferred areas are; cosmetic stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, stores and grocery stores.

What Cardboard Countertop Stand Models?

Cardboard Countertop Stands can be produced in different models according to their designs. In terms of the material used during the production of Cardboard Countertop Stand models; It can be examined in five different classes as metal, plastic, cardboard, wood and plexiglass;

  1. Metal Cardboard Countertop Stand; It is one of the models that can be used easily in field work for a long time. It is extremely high capacity and durable in terms of load carrying. With options such as pediment, shelf front or side wall, you can bring the stand to the potential to attract the customer with on the visuals you want.
  2. Wooden counter top stand; They are models with a very natural appearance. In addition to the fact that their structures are resistant to all kinds of external factors, they are frequently preferred by the business owners because they are produced without mold. Although their load carrying capacity is considered high, they are not recommended for transportation. The areas where the visuals will be placed should be selected correctly in order not to prevent the appearance of wooden materials.
  3. Plastic table top stand; general areas of use are in front of the case. When the customer ends his shopping, attention is paid to its design in order to attract the attention. Their structures are resistant to all kinds of damage possibilities.
  4. Cardboard table top stand; Stand models with a short usage time for field activities. However, they are both practical and economical products. Although they are not among the durable stand types in terms of load carrying, they are very easy to be shipped by demounted method.
  5. Plexiglass Cardboard Countertop Stand; They may also be known by the name of premium booth. They are generally used in the display of products belonging to the OTC (Over The Counter) group in pharmacies and similar areas. It is recommended to take additional precautions during packing since they are made of fragile material. Moreover, they can be designed with LED light.

How to Manufacture Cardboard Countertop Stands?

Cardboard Countertop Stand manufacturing can be done in many different ways. These; can be listed as welding, laser cutting, vacuum, cnc router cutting, injection and pedal cutting. Which method will be used is determined within the framework of the graphic design created according to the model, quantity of pieces, type of materials to be used and costs.

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